The Grey of Goibniú

On my last legs now alas,
since the disrespect began,
expelling me from my rightful place,
that place where, properly honoured,
I would generously give of myself,
enough to be shared equally among all,
regardless of position, rich or poor.

Then came the need for more and more,
throwing everything out of balance,
the notion that there is no limit,
that I can somehow fill this vessel they have brought,
this sieve; by day, by night and day again
trying to give what is expected
trapped in a habit of providence.

Between life and death now,
my strength ebbing,
my draining soul.
Note: In ancient Ireland the magical Grey Cow of Plenty was owned by Goibniú, the Smith-God of the Tuatha Dé Danann, one of the three gods of craft.



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